IGNITING PASSION..Skin Care Journey!!

A journey of a thousand miles starts with one drawing inspiration from those closest around us. In my humble experience my father being a Surgeon in India led me to have close proximity to the medical field; with empathy and resolve to advocate best health practices I chose dentistry as my passion; further specialized in cosmetic dentistry to bring smiles on people’s faces with high regard for their oral health while also deriving confidence and happiness for my clients.

As my journey continued, I got married and was exposed to a new continent, country, culture and a new way of life. Starting all over again in Botswana (Southern Africa); while re-applying for my dental license in an alien environment; owing to my husband’s roots as an entrepreneur I was motivated to start my first business. I realized that ‘human hair extensions’ and ‘hair care products’ were in big demand in the Southern African hemisphere with every day women starving for quality products enhancing their beauty. I did a set up with retailing and wholesaling operations with India as the main import destination. 

 With deepened interaction with African women and thirst for appreciating their deep old beauty secrets, I discovered Unrefined Shea butter firmly embedded in the African heritage. Described by many as ‘The Woman’s Gold’, I got captivated and started to flirt with online DIY recipes that could add more value. Towards this endeavor I realized one needed to have a solid foundation in skincare products to appreciate the minutest detail(s) in ensuring one can strive towards holistic skin care.


My journey brought me to “Formula Botanica” a UK based Cosmetic Skincare School led by an inspirational woman Lorraine Dallmeier . The simplicity and dedication in which Lorraine through our established brand portrays the finer details of skin care formulation while encouraging a wonderful community to reach out to others is the defining hall mark of her platform.

Thanks to “Formula Botanica”- my focus is on bringing the best exquisitely handmade skin care products to the market and be a bridge in the beauty segment between India and Africa.

Journeys are often undertaken but the ones filled with passion and thirsts for knowledge are the truly memorable ones.

Thank You for Re-igniting my passion!! ❤️❤️

Links to Formula Botanica:




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